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Paper No: ICGEC-2021-01
Paper Title: Division of power grid dispatching domain and analysis of operation characteristics based on voltage stability

Paper No: ICGEC-2021-02
Paper Title: Distribution network load forecasting based on smart meter user behavior clustering

Paper No: ICGEC-2021-03
Paper Title: Privacy of Web Browsers: A Challenge in Digital

Paper No: ICGEC-2021-06
Paper Title: Research on NPE Algorithm of Ring Main Unit Fault Detection Based on Internet of Things Technology

Paper No: ICGEC-2021-07
Paper Title: Adaptive Droop Control Strategy for Island Microgrid Based on Improved Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm

Paper No: ICGEC-2021-08
Paper Title: Coordinated Optimization Control Technology of Clean Energy Consumption Based on Spatiotemporal Characteristics of Controllable Load

Paper No: ICGEC-2021-09
Paper Title: Regulation strategy of electric vehicle charging station taking into account new energy consumption

Paper No: ICGEC-2021-10
Paper Title: Test Paper Automatic Generating Method Based on Hybrid Genetic Algorithm

Paper No: ICGEC-2021-11
Paper Title: Improved Multi-objective Genetic Algorithm for Unit Economic Operating Load Distribution

Paper No: ICGEC-2021-13
Paper Title: Experimental Data Acquisition and Processing System Based on the Internet of Things

Paper No: ICGEC-2021-14
Paper Title: An Improved GA-based Recommendation System for Soil Fertilization

Paper No: ICGEC-2021-15
Paper Title: An Improved Fireworks Algorithm for Ontology Matching

Paper No: ICGEC-2021-16
Paper Title: A Beta Distribution Based Optimization Algorithm and Its Application in Power Load Forecasting

Paper No: ICGEC-2021-17
Paper Title: Multi-group Discrete Symbiotic Organisms Search Algorithm based Clustering Method for Large-Scale Traveling Salesman Problem

Paper No: ICGEC-2021-18
Paper Title: A mill control system based on GA-BP network for output prediction

Paper No: ICGEC-2021-19
Paper Title: Cluster Analysis of Smart Meter Load Based on Electricity Behavior Characteristics

Paper No: ICGEC-2021-20
Paper Title: GPU Implementation of Staggered Period Estimation Algorithm Acceleration

Paper No: ICGEC-2021-21
Paper Title: Optimization of Li-ion Battery Charge and Discharge Model Based on Genetic Algorithm

Paper No: ICGEC-2021-22
Paper Title: An Enhanced Harmony Search Based on Quantum Mechanism

Paper No: ICGEC-2021-23
Paper Title: Modeling and Trajectory Tracking Control Simulation of 3-DOF Hoisting Manipulator

Paper No: ICGEC-2021-24
Paper Title: Mechanical Fault Diagnosis of Circuit Breaker Based on Improved Grey Relational Analysis

Paper No: ICGEC-2021-25
Paper Title: Transformer combination weighting evaluation model based on BP neural network

Paper No: ICGEC-2021-26
Paper Title: Virtual Display and Interaction System Design of Bingxi Scroll Painting Based on Augmented Reality Technique

Paper No: ICGEC-2021-27
Paper Title: Research on Small Target Pedestrian Detection Algorithm Based on Improved YOLOv3

Paper No: ICGEC-2021-28
Paper Title: A Matrix-Analytic Solution to Three-Level Multi-Server Queueing Model with a Shared Finite Buffer

Paper No: ICGEC-2021-29
Paper Title: Survey on Initialization Methods of Cuckoo Search Algorithm

Paper No: ICGEC-2021-30
Paper Title: Modeling and Simulation of Non-common Field Position and Pose Measurement of Dual Cameras

Paper No: ICGEC-2021-31
Paper Title: Tumbleweed Algorithm and Its Application for Solving Location Problem of Logistics Distribution Center

Paper No: ICGEC-2021-33
Paper Title: BioAR: A flight simulation model architecture for reinforcement learning

Paper No: ICGEC-2021-34
Paper Title: Research on Target Recognition Algorithm Based on Improved Faster-RCNN

Paper No: ICGEC-2021-35
Paper Title: A novel learning-based approach for large outdoor power transmission equipment detection

Paper No: ICGEC-2021-36
Paper Title: Fusion Structure-Based Fault State Prediction of Wind Turbine Spindle

Paper No: ICGEC-2021-37
Paper Title: Zhuang Characteristic Culture Detection Based on Improved YOLOV3-SPP Network

Paper No: ICGEC-2021-38
Paper Title: Abstractive sentences summarization model combining entity information and bidirectional decoding

Paper No: ICGEC-2021-39
Paper Title: Performance Evaluation of Three Intelligent Optimization Algorithms for Obstacle Avoidance Path Planning

Paper No: ICGEC-2021-40
Paper Title: TDOA Location Based On Pigeon-Inspired Optimization algorithm in WSNs

Paper No: ICGEC-2021-41
Paper Title: HDMacBERT-FGM-CRF Model-Based Chinese Event Element Extraction

Paper No: ICGEC-2021-46
Paper Title: BioBERT based Efficient Clustering Framework for Biomedical Document Analysis

Paper No: ICGEC-2021-80
Paper Title: Improved Affinity Propagation Clustering Based on KNearest Neighbors and Canopy Algorithm

Paper No: ICGEC-2021-81
Paper Title: Identification method of dust accumulation of air cooled condenser based on convolution neural learning

Paper No: ICGEC-2021-83
Paper Title: BioAR: Research on Evasion Strategy of Aircraft Based on Deep Reinforcement Learning

Paper No: ICGEC-2021-85
Paper Title: State Evaluation and Attack Signal Reconstruction of Power Cyber-Physics System Based on Intermediate Variable Observer

Paper No: ICGEC-2021-86
Paper Title: Research on Weld Recognition and NURBS Curve Fitting Method Based on Improved OTSU Double Threshold Segmentation

Paper No: ICGEC-2021-87
Paper Title: Risk Assessment Method of Power Monitoring System Vulnerability Based on Attack Graph

Paper No: ICGEC-2021-88
Paper Title: Revealing Top-k Dominant Individuals In Incomplete Data Based on Spark Environment

Paper No: ICGEC-2021-90
Paper Title: The Timeliness Position Recommendation Based on Geographical Impacts and Social Impacts

Paper No: ICGEC-2021-93
Paper Title: A Pedestrian Intrusion Detection Method Based on Improved Mask R-CNN Model

Paper No: ICGEC-2021-94
Paper Title: A method for detecting safety helmet in substation operation scene based on Yolov3

Paper No: ICGEC-2021-95
Paper Title: Gray-scale image color migration algorithm based on dual-stream convolutional neural network

Paper No: ICGEC-2021-97
Paper Title: Optimizing Task Processing in Big Data with Federated Learning

Paper No: ICGEC-2021-99
Paper Title: Evaluation Model of Power Staff Skill State Based on Improved Analytic Hierarchy Process _Fuzzy Comprehensive Evaluation

Paper No: ICGEC-2021-101
Paper Title: Information Recommendation Method of Network Blended Skill Learning Based on Personalized Adaptive of Electric Power Staff

Paper No: ICGEC-2021-102
Paper Title: Mining High Utility-probability Sequential Patterns In Bigdata Environments

Paper No: ICGEC-2021-104
Paper Title: A Differential Evolution Algorithm for Wind Farm Layout Optimization Using a New Bilevel Programming Model

Paper No: ICGEC-2021-107
Paper Title: BioAR: Bio-Laboratory Automation Meets Augmented Reality

Paper No: ICGEC-2021-110
Paper Title: Distantly Supervised Relation Extraction Based on Multihead Self-attention and Gate Mechanism

Paper No: ICGEC-2021-111
Paper Title: Multi-attention and Multi-layer Hashing for Cross-modal Retrieval

Paper No: ICGEC-2021-112
Paper Title: Prediction of Drug-Gene Interaction by Using Biomedical Subgraph Patterns

Paper No: ICGEC-2021-113
Paper Title: 3D Voxel Reconstruction Based on Shape Layer

Paper No: ICGEC-2021-114
Paper Title: Research on Multi-Dimensional Load Characteristics Based on Vertical and Horizontal Hybrid Clustering

Paper No: ICGEC-2021-115
Paper Title: FM-Mnet Real-time Object Detection Model for Video Feature Fusion Processing

Paper No: ICGEC-2021-116
Paper Title: Dynamic Multiple Indicators Matching Processing for Power Load Forecasting System

Paper No: ICGEC-2021-117
Paper Title: Medical Phrase Mining Method for Biomedical Text Processing

Paper No: ICGEC-2021-118
Paper Title: Quantitative Analysis Indicators and Risk Factor Assessment of HR-HPV

Paper No: ICGEC-2021-119
Paper Title: Design of Cyber Security Monitoring System for Smart Substation